Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Exciting News!!!

First of all, NO! I'm not pregnant:-) That's what everyone assumes "exciting news" is when you're in you're childbearing years. Hahaha

I found out last Friday that I got accepted into the nursing program at my college!!!!! It's a highly competitive program and my advisor told me that over 250 people applied this semester and only 90 were accepted. That means that only 36% of people who applied were accepted. How impressive is my math? :-) Lol. I knew I had really good grades but I always doubted that I would get in. This whole being a good student thing still doesn't quite fit me yet! I'm very, very, very excited and I cried tears of joy and relief when I opened up the acceptance letter. I did NOT want to wait another year to go to nursing school but I was assuming I would have to before that all-important piece of mail came.

Apart from microbiology and another psychology class, I only have nursing courses left to take. Most students do all of their prerequisites at the same time as their nursing courses so I think that I have definitely set myself up for success by doing it this way. It will still be hard but soooo worth it! And as a side bonus, all of my classes that I've spent the last year taking (in conjunction with classes that I took fresh out of high school) have given me a degree in Health Sciences. It won't really do anything for me but it's kind of nice to say I have a degree of some sorts!

My family has been really supportive and excited for me. My brother and dad ran out that day and bought me an iPad to take to school with me and my sister ordered me a bright pink stethoscope and had it shipped. I feel pretty special! Apart from that, everyone has been extremely encouraging and excited right along with me!

The days ahead are exciting! I can't wait to buy my shoes and my scrubs. AHHHH!! I'm still not over how amazing this news is:-)

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rccalyn said...

Woohoo, that is awesome news!