Friday, January 27, 2012

The BIG Day

Bailey had her tubes put in today. I was obviously a little anxious but I was even more excited for her to have some relief from all of the pain she's been in.My main concern was that she couldn't eat for 4 hours beforehand and I thought that she would flip out from not being able to nurse. It's funny, though, because it really wasn't such a big deal, after all!

When we got to the surgery center it all sank in and I was super nervous. It really helped that Bailey was in surprisingly good spirits and not acting too upset that she couldn't nurse... Though she did try to push the issue a time or 2! I had woken her up in the middle of the night to feed her so she wasn't starving. Once they called us back, they got some vitals on her and we met with her doctor and anaesthesiologist. Before we knew it, she was gone. She gripped on tightly to me when they tried to take her and that was hard but I knew it was for her good.

John and I waited with some people from church who had come to support us. After about 15 minutes I went to go to the bathroom and on the way back I heard my baby flipping out. I peeked in a window of the recovery room and saw them struggling with her and I wanted to go right in and pry her out of the nurses' arms. A nurse walked by and said that someone would come get me when she was settled and I was thinking.. "I'M THE ONE WHO WILL SETTLE HER!!" Only a few seconds later they got me and she was so happy to be able to nurse. She did fuss for about 20 minutes but after that, she was a completely happy and normal baby. Praise God!

The doctor said that he was able to remove a great deal of mucous and fluids from her ears and that her ear drums were stretched and bulging from the pressure. He said that she was probably in a substantial amount of pain all this time. My poor baby! He told us that we should notice a great improvement in her right away and boy, was he right... John and I were amazed today at how happy and content Bailey was. We were able to actually put her down, she took a nap in her crib (usually she has to sleep next to me and nurse!) and she didn't even fuss going to bed. I can't even express how encouraged I feel about her improvement. I look forward to the days ahead!!

I am so thankful that this day that I had been dreading turned into such a great day! It could not have gone better and I feel so relieved for my precious baby.

Friday, January 20, 2012

So Long, Toothless Grin!

We have been waiting and waiting for Bailey to cut teeth. The other girls got their first teeth when they were 5 months old. Bailey, on the other hand has remained toothless for almost 10 months... Until today, that is! we woke up this morning with on tooth on the bottom. Both of her eye teeth are about to poke through, also!

I must confess... I'm a little sad to say goodbye to Bailey's toothless grin. I've always thought it was kind of cute that she had no teeth, even though all of her "friends" have lots of them. She's also super attached to breastfeeding and I was more than happy to not have to worry about her biting me with actual teeth. It's a little sad to turn the page onto the next chapter. Maybe I'm being a little overly sentimental on this one?

She does have another ear infection and she has this new teething thing going on but she's been pretty happy. I'm encouraged that she hasn't been a basket case. T poor thing must feel like garbage but she's been sleeping through the night and relatively happy. I'm extremely thankful for that!

The best part of Bailey's tooth discovery this morning was her big sisters... They were so excited for her that they couldn't contain themselves. They wanted to tell their grandparents and of course they wanted to feel it but Miss Bailey wouldn't allow that. I hope they're always this excited over one another's accomplishments!

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's A Hard Knock Life

My poor little Bailey hasn't felt well in so long and it's been very, very challenging around here. There are not words to describe just how thin I feel as though I'm being spread. Everything I do from going to the bathroom to cooking dinner is either done with Bailey in tow or with her screaming in the background. There are very few moments through the day when I'm not holding her and I feel so bad for the other girls who aren't getting the best of me. It's been rough. Mostly, though, I'm just feeling so sad for my baby who has got to be even more sick of this than I am!

It's been another long week... I took Bailey back to the doctor on Monday because she had thrush really bad from the last course of antibiotics she was on for her ears. The doctor discovered that both of her ears were severely infected still. He gave her an antibiotic shot in the office and then prescribed her an oral antibiotic. He told me to bring her back on Thursday to recheck her ears and I was shocked when he told me that her infection looked no better:-( So she had yet another shot and we were sent home with a new antibiotic to take. I have to take her back in tomorrow for another shot, too. It's just been A LOT to take care of.. The constant doctor trips, fighting with her over medicine, and mostly, having her be so grumpy and cranky all day, everyday.

I wish I had other things to write about besides ear infections but these weeks have been a blur! I feel like I'm just surviving and not achieving much these days. I've fallen behind on housework and laundry and various other things that I need to accomplish. I wish I was "Super Mom" during times like these:-(

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Bailey has had nothing but ear infection after ear infection for the past five months. It's really no wonder why she's such a grumpy and clingy baby... She hardly ever feels well. The antibiotics for the infections always mess her belly up, too, and this time around she got thrush on top of a super bad diaper rash. It's like three weeks of misery with each infection. So anyways,  her doctor referred her to an ENT to figure out a solution to this madness and we finally got some answers!

There was an audiologist who did a test on her ears before we met with the doctor and they found that there was lots of fluid, despite the fact that she had just finished up an antibiotic from the last infection. The doctor said that the medicines are taking the infections away but not removing the fluid, which is why she keeps having issues. Based on the fluid levels, he says her hearing levels are down by 20 to 30 percent. That's the part that really breaks my heart. I can't imagine living in a world where I constantly feel like I'm under water and I can't accurately hear what's going on in my surroundings. It chokes me up just thinking about it for my sweet Bailey girl.

The doctor automatically suggested tubes and my response was, "How soon can she have them put in??" I'm obviously not excited about putting my baby through surgery and all but I would do anything to help her start feeling better. Enough is enough! So we're scheduled for the 27th of this month. I'm anxious about that day but I have to look ahead to her future and not be afraid to do what's best for her. He said that this could have a negative impact on her speech if we don't fix it as soon as we can. It would really be silly to not go through with this.

I'm feeling so many mixed emotions about all of this right now. These past few months have been hard... She hardly ever naps during the days and she always, always has to be held by me. The days are long and I go to bed weary most nights. I'm hoping that these tubes will dramatically change her disposition... So much so that John's already warned me to not be upset if they don't! :-) Lol. He's so sweet. So anyways, these next three weeks of waiting are going to be long. I'm eager to get my girl feeling better... for her sake and mine!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Finally on the Mend

Since I last posted, Bailey has been very, very sick. Her fever stayed in the 104 range for several days and when I brought her back to the doctor on Friday they were going to admit her into the hospital. She wasn't nursing well, having constant diarrhea and she also had thrush from the antibiotics that she had been on for her double ear infection. They were concerned about her staying hydrated but I assured them that I was on top of her care and that I preferred to treat her from home.

She continued to run a fever on Saturday but it was only in the 101 degree range and it stayed that way on Sunday, as well. Today was the first day that she woke up without a fever since Thursday so I was extremely excited! I had been anxiously praying for the fever to break because they had talked about doing a spinal tap to figure things out if she didn't get any better. I was pretty scared!

Though her fever was down today, she is acting no happier. She pretty much screams the whole day and will sleep nowhere but in my arms. I'm pretty exhausted and I feel bad that the other girls have to suffer from me being spread so thin. I'm hoping she'll be happier within the coming days, otherwise we're headed back to the doctor .She is just NOT herself.

I've asked the question before but I'll repeat it... What do I have to do to keep my children healthy this winter??? It's getting so old for these poor girls!