Monday, January 2, 2012

Finally on the Mend

Since I last posted, Bailey has been very, very sick. Her fever stayed in the 104 range for several days and when I brought her back to the doctor on Friday they were going to admit her into the hospital. She wasn't nursing well, having constant diarrhea and she also had thrush from the antibiotics that she had been on for her double ear infection. They were concerned about her staying hydrated but I assured them that I was on top of her care and that I preferred to treat her from home.

She continued to run a fever on Saturday but it was only in the 101 degree range and it stayed that way on Sunday, as well. Today was the first day that she woke up without a fever since Thursday so I was extremely excited! I had been anxiously praying for the fever to break because they had talked about doing a spinal tap to figure things out if she didn't get any better. I was pretty scared!

Though her fever was down today, she is acting no happier. She pretty much screams the whole day and will sleep nowhere but in my arms. I'm pretty exhausted and I feel bad that the other girls have to suffer from me being spread so thin. I'm hoping she'll be happier within the coming days, otherwise we're headed back to the doctor .She is just NOT herself.

I've asked the question before but I'll repeat it... What do I have to do to keep my children healthy this winter??? It's getting so old for these poor girls!

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