Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post Christmas Update

We had a wonderful Christmas!! We stayed in on Christmas Eve and had a nice dinner and watched a Christmas movie. Christmas day was packed with three Christmas gatherings, church, tons of awesome food, and lots and lots and lots of presents. I'm always sad to see the Christmas season end though:-(

Since Christmas, we have had never ending, non-stop sickness in this house...

-Bailey started screaming on Christmas night and ended up being up almost all night long. I chalked it up to it just being a busy day.

-On Monday night, Bailey was still up screaming and Adrienne was up doing the same, while running a fever.

-I took both girls to the doctor on Tuesday to find that they both had double ear infections. Bailey has had 5 ear infections in 4 months and her doctor said her ears don't look good at all. He referred us to an ENT to prevent damage, hearing loss and constant ear infections. Poor baby.

-On Tuesday night Adrienne was still up screaming and Bailey was up several times. To add to it, Brooke was up throwing up. I didn't sleep at all. Awful, awful, awful.

-On Wednesday, Adrienne started running a fever and it continued into that night and Thursday.

-All three girls slept well last night... Until Bailey woke up screaming. She didn't stop screaming pretty much all day. I put her down for a nap and she woke up with a 104.9 degree fever. I put her in a tepid bath and her fever only went down to 104.7 and I was freaking out. I took her to the doctor where they did blood work. The doctor said that they would admit her if they showed her white blood count to be elevated. Everything checked out fine, though, so her doctor said it's probably just a virus. Her fever was already up to 104.6 by the time we got back home and I'm a nervous wreck, I'm just not comfortable with her fever being so high. She's been exhausted so she's sleeping soundly now but I can't help but feel anxious:-(

-On top of all of this, all three girls have had nasty colds and coughs.

It's amazing how such a wonderful Christmas can be followed up with such a horrible week. I'm ready for three healthy girls and for life to be back to normal. And most of all, I would really LOVE some sleep.

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