Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It Never Ends...

Since I last posted, my girls have been nothing but sick, sick, sick. Adrienne started throwing up on Sunday night. On Monday, Bailey got a nasty case of Pink eye that made her completely miserable and that came with sleepless nights. Then last night, Brooke was up throwing up, along with me. GRRR. I'm starting to get frustrated.

Bailey had been screaming and miserable but I thought it was because the Pink Eye virus supposedly makes you feel like garbage. I took her to the doctor today, though, and found out that she has one ear that's infected and the other ear has a ruptured ear drum. My POOR baby! I feel like the worst mother for assuming her constant crying was just because she felt yucky.. She was in lots and lots of pain:-( I could have had that fixed days ago for her earlier and I'm about to cry thinking of the horrible pain she must have been in. She's on a strong antibiotic, along with some drops, and already we've noticed a major improvement in her. It was so refreshing to see her smiling and playing happily tonight for a change!

I'm starting to wonder if my girls are going to play this sick game all winter. It's just ridiculous. We usually get hit hard in the cold months but this year it seems to be starting earlier. I'm pretty sure that has to do with Brooke going to school and bringing all the lovely germs back to us. My poor girl has already missed 8 days of school and each time that she has to stay home it breaks her heart. Today was her day for Show and Tell and it was so sad to tell her she wouldn't be able to go:-( I just don't get why my family gets hit so hard with viruses and bugs... We eat very healthy and my girls get lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc.. They also get plenty of rest. I'm not sure what else I could do to help strengthen their immune systems! I would do just about anything.

I'm about to close my eyes for the night but I'm kind of preparing myself to not get much sleep. I think I would give my right arm for even mediocre rest tonight. That certainly beats being up every hour! Wish me luck...

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