Friday, April 13, 2012


Bailey's pediatrician had some concerns about her vision because she has been squinting so I took her to a special eye doctor today. I had noticed her squinting but I really, in my heart of hearts, thought that we were just being "safe" by taking her to the eye doctor. I never thought they would find anything.

The doctor ran a few tests on her and said that her right eye was straying off and that she would most likely need glasses. Then, he dilated her pupils and got a better look. From that exam he determined that her eyes actually see fine when they're functioning properly ... But she has a lovely condition called "Stabismus," which means that her eyes don't focus well, causing her to have double vision at times. Poor little baby!

So for the next 6 weeks we will be doing patch therapy, which means that we'll cover one eye with a patch for an hour a day (rotating back and forth between the 2 eyes). Doesn't that sound like a blast? Actually, it sounds impossible, if you ask me! After 6 weeks we'll go back and have another exam. There's a chance that she'll need glasses or surgery... Or there's even a chance that things will resolve themselves by using these patches alone. That's what I'm hoping and praying for!

I just feel so bad for my precious girl. First the ear issues that won't go away.. In fact, she's running a low grade temperature and that's usually how a new infection starts. See what I mean???!?! And now this. On top of doctor's visits to the ENT we can how throw the eye doctor right on in there. I realize it could be a lot worse and that she is a relatively healthy child but it just seems like the poor kid can't catch a break. :-(

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