Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have been M.I.A. for the past few weeks and that was mainly because chemistry was kicking my butt. Wow! I don't think I would like chemistry in any situation, it's just not my thing, but cramming 15 weeks into 3 and doing it all online was a killer. Not to be corny or anything but there were moments when I just didn't think it was possible. It was also extra stressful knowing that I HAD to get an "A" for the nursing program. I am happy to report, though, that after lots of help from my sister-in-law (who's truly a genius!) and meeting with the professor, I got a 92!!! I'm over-the-moon happy and I sure worked my butt off. The class ended on Wednesday and all of my other classes start on Monday. I don't see life slowing down at all anytime soon....

Thankfully, John and I had a little breather this weekend. Our anniversary is this Monday so we went out of town last night and had a romantic dinner and did some shopping. We were only gone for 24 hours but it was so refreshing to just be a couple. Every now and then it's nice! I sure love that man and the life we've created together! :-)

That's about it for now! It seems like between school and my family, there is hardly anything else to write about. Such is life!

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