Saturday, January 5, 2013

Extended Breastfeeding

It's really amazing, this blogging app from my phone. Now I update it while putting Bailey to bed. It's so nice!!

Each night I sit in Bailey's room with her and hold her, love her and yes, nurse her. My 22-month-old princess still nurses before nap time and bedtime and I love that in the crazy world that she lives in, she still finds comfort and rest with me in this way. I keep reminding myself that she is my last baby and these last few months of breastfeeding will be it. I've been sharing my body for quite a few consecutive years now but I wouldn't trade the precious moments for anything. I am proud to say that I have nearly 6 years of breastfeeding between all of my children. I'm pretty sure that that's awesome breast cancer prevention so it's an added bonus!

Now that she's sleeping, it's all I can so to take my eyes off of her. There's something about a sleeping baby ( or toddler, in this case) that makes my heart melt! I'm so in love!!


rccalyn said...

I LOVE this post. It's so amazing that you've been able to nurse her this long. I was devastated when Roman weaned himself so early (13mo - when I got my wisdom teeth out), but I loved nursing Arianna for 29 months. It's a wonderful gift to give our children, and it's wonderful for mommies too :-)

DawnMattice said...

Way to go you and all your girls! Extended nursing is so not for me....I was happy with 15 months for Ray and 13 months for John, but what a blessing to be able to keep going when it is one of your heart's desires :)