Monday, March 1, 2010

Lots to Report

I haven't had a chance to write over the past couple of days but SO MUCH is going on with us! Where do I even start??!?!


We leave for Myrtle Beach on Thursday night (after John works from 5:30-8) and we are SUPER excited, as you can imagine! We got The Hilton Beach Resort for $40 a night on Priceline. You just can't beat it! Our room has balcony with a view of the ocean and as far as I'm concerned, it just doesn't get better than that!

It's going to be the perfect weather, around 60-65, which is great for outlet mall shopping and walks on the beach. It's not the type of weather where you lay on the beach all day but that's cool because we don't really do that anyways. I'm looking forward to trading up my wool pea coat for a Spring coat for a few days!

We'll be in Myrtle Beach until Tuesday morning and then we're going to drive home, where we'll stop at the halfway point in Richmond and spend the night. We'll then make the final leg of our journey on Wednesday.

My Job

I've been thinking a lot about getting a VERY part time job for a while now. We kind of want to put some extra money away and/or pay off our car before we have another baby and this was one way to kind of speed up the process. After praying about it for a long time and asking for God to show me His will, it all just kind of unfolded on its own. A little diner in our town is opening (that is like 2 minutes from my house) and I just put my application in for the heck of it. I went for an interview and they were incredible and totally willing to coordinate my schedule with John's! It's a family owned place so it just feels really quaint and friendly. So yeah, I'm going to be working a few breakfast shifts a week on John's days off. We'll get the best of both worlds... Some extra cash but I still get to be home with the girls! I'm all for that:-)


The girls had their well visits today... Adrienne's 9-month and Brooke's 3-year. Adrienne was a whopping 20 pounds even and 27.35 inches long. The doctor was pleased with her progress and development which is always good! She's in the 75Th percentile for both height and weight but so was Brookie at that age and now she's tiny.

Brooke was 35.5 inches long and 28.6 pounds... 20Th percentile for both. We have a slight issue with her, however. She was just under 30 pounds when she went in for a virus about 2 months ago. She lost a little bit of weight and the doctor said that some fluctuation is normal but we think there's another small issue. She has really frequent diarrhea (and has for a while) and he said that that can sometimes cause poor weight gain or even weight loss. He said she could have an dairy sensitivity (which would make sense, looking back to her struggles as a baby) and he wants me to try giving her a medicine with her dairy products that will help her digest them better. If that doesn't solve her issues then he wants to send her for tests and blood work. I'm hoping and praying that that's all the problem is because I don't want to have to put her through all of that garbage again!

So yeah, that's what's new with us. We'll spend the rest of the week getting ourselves ready to leave for VACATION so I'm really, really excited for the days ahead. Life is wonderful!


rccalyn said...

Congrats on the job! It's nice to be able to contribute even just a little $$ isn't it? Probably one of the best things about leaving my girls is the greeting when I get back - I'm sure you'll enjoy that too!

MrsMonicaLB said...

have lots of fun on your vacation and congrats on the job!