Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reliving a Nightmare

Once again, I have a VERY sick family:-( John started throwing up on Tuesday morning and has been incapacitated with horrible stomach pains ever since. He has even called in to work, which is something he NEVER does. I assumed that the girls were in the clear because they had the bug last week but Brooke has been throwing up repeatedly and having nasty bathroom issues since about 2 this morning. It's now going on 4 in the afternoon and she is extremely sick and grumpy:-( The worst part is that John does an evening overtime shift on Thursdays and not one person is willing to cover it for him. Unbelievable. So yeah, I'm about to send my sick husband to work and care for my even sicker daughter. Please pray for continued strength and health on my part and that Adrienne remains healthy, as well. I think I might go cry now.... :-(

Oh yes, but I am VERY excited because my brother and his wife just found out today that they are having a baby boy:-) She's due the end of August and I have been so excited but now that I know the baby's gender, I don't think I can wait 24 more weeks. I am SO in love already and I can't wait to have another precious baby to spoil.

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