Thursday, March 18, 2010


We have had another 36 hour period with no throw up!!! I would be excited but there's really no point in that considering our track record! It's horrible because every time one of the girls coughs I'm expecting the worse. I chase after poor Brooke all day with a bowl saying, "Do you need to throw up?" Lol. Oh the joys of motherhood! :-)

In the midst of all of this crazy sickness that has been going around our house, Adrienne has truly blossomed. I can't even believe how much she has learned to do over the past week or so. She can now pull herself up but not all the way... Either from sitting to her knees or from her knees to standing. She hasn't quite mastered the art of getting all the way up from the sitting position. She's close though! She is also officially cruising. She can move all along the couch now and even transfer from one piece of furniture to another. Watch out world, here comes Miss Adrienne! Another impressive new skill that she has recently acquired is standing unassisted for a few seconds. It's funny because she has yet to master a real crawl... She just kind of scootches everywhere. Hey, it gets her from A to B, and QUICKLY, too! She also signs "all done" and says, "Dada," and "Brooke" (without the 'k' sound). For some odd reason she won't say Mama but we'll get there soon... I hope, anyways!

Here's a funny Brooke story for you: She said to me today, "Mommy, when I become a much bigger girl, will I shave?" I said, "Yes, Brookie, many years from now. What will you shave?" "My face like Daddy," she replied. I had to laugh! She "helps" John shave and he puts shaving cream on her face so why would she think any differently? She also made a funny observation while I was nursing Adrienne... She said, "Mommy, my nursers are small." I said, "Yes they are but it's because you're only a little girl right now!" She said, "And yours are big, big, big." Lol. Thanks, Brooke. I appreciate your honestly!

So that's the latest with us. John had the past few days off and is now on his way to work. The first night back is always hard:-( Oh how I miss him!


*~tRiStYn MiChElLe~* said...

hahaha im dying laughing at miss brooke! Tooooo funny! Kids are hilarious! :0)

rccalyn said...

Hahaha oh man! Brooke is funny! Marissa and I have had similar conversations when I'm nursing Arianna :-P

Simply Complicated said...

"nursers" - Allie and I had that conversation the other day! Too funny.