Friday, August 27, 2010

Living My Dream

John has been off the past couple of days and they have just been wonderful! I enjoy having him off SO MUCH that I often have to remind myself to learn to be equally as content when he is working. You just can't live for those days off because you'll miss a lot on the in between days if you wish them away!

Life has just been amazing lately. Do you ever have those times when you sit back and look at all of the blessings around you and wonder how life could get any better? For me, it happened today when I ran out to the store to get a few things for dinner. I announced that I was making breakfast for dinner when I got back and when I came home, John and the girls had made the waffle batter together. It was just precious to me for some reason! Another moment when I couldn't fathom life being any better was when John and the girls had a parade downstairs and they walked in circles blowing whistles and riding their stuffed animal horses. Little moments like that, where I see my husband being the amazing daddy that he is, just fill my heart with so much joy!

Another thing that has been a source of much happiness for me lately is that my girls are best buddies. They walk everywhere hand-in-hand and they are rarely seen apart. Brooke assumes responsibility for Adrienne (which can be challenging for me) and has been known to attempt to change her clothes and/or diaper and brush her hair. It's adorable but Adrienne doesn't really appreciate it and it ends in a huge fight! Lol. I love watching those girls together and my heart fills with joy when I think of them growing up with a built in best friend in each other.

I walked into one of my friends from high school the other day and when I asked her what she was up to she told me she was a doctor. A doctor???? Seriously???? I couldn't believe my ears because that is such a prestigious degree. I told her how proud I was of her and she told me that she was equally as proud of me for being a mom because that's all that I ever wanted out of life. While I temporarily felt as though I haven't been as productive as she has, I quickly snapped out of it and remembered that I am seriously doing all that I ever wanted to do and I'm living the life that I always said I would live. All titles and degrees aside, that is what matters at the end of the day... That I am fulfilling MY dreams and not the dreams that society thinks are of the most importance.

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