Friday, May 13, 2011

The New Normal

I am so excited because life feels "normal" again!! Adjusting to a new baby always requires coming up with a new routine to suite the latest addition but I'm happy to say that things are going great!

I'm most happy because Bailey is starting to develop her own little personality. She started smiling on her one-month birthday and she shows off her gorgeous dimples every time. It completely melts me and steals my heart! She has also started cooing a little bit and despite throwing up constantly (no joke) she is an extremely content and easy-going little creature. She has also fallen into somewhat of a schedule and for that I'm thankful! She sleeps in her bed for on 4-6 hour stretch each night and she always goes down between 9 and 10. I have started using those nighttime hours for housework and laundry because it's the only way that I'm staying on top of things. John gets ready for work at 10 and that's when I start working so it doesn't take time away from him.

As for me, it's so awesome to feel physically normal again. After all those months of pregnancy and then recovering from the C-Section, it's nice to be back to plain old me. I have also been on a diet to lose those pesky pregnancy pounds and when I went for my postpartum visit the other day I was VERY happy to hear that I'm one pound lighter than I was at my first prenatal visit!! It's nice to work so hard and get results!

My big girls are also doing quite well and they adore Bailey... A little TOO much sometimes but that's okay:-) Adrienne has been a bit challenging but I attribute that to her age and not to the new baby. I just can't believe that she'll be TWO in a few weeks. Where has the time gone?

I'm also happy because I'm not afraid of going out alone with all three of the girls anymore. I used to avoid the grocery store (even for a quick trip) or other outings if John wasn't present but not anymore. I've conquered my fear!

I'm absolutely loving the complete feeling that I feel when I think of my sweet little family! Things are sometimes crazy and stressful with three kiddos around but I wouldn't trade either of them for anything in the universe!

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mrs. fuzz said...

Whoo hoo! This is all great news. I personally think it was harder to go from one to two than it was to go from two to three. Except when you go out and you have three to look after or cross a street with. . . :)