Monday, July 11, 2011

"Free" Lemonade!

We had a huge family yard sale this past weekend and to help occupy Brooke's
time we let her have her own lemonade stand. We were originally going to put it out and charge 25 or 50 cents a glass but John's aunt had an even better idea- A tip jar! We put out a sign that said, "Free homemade lemonade! Tips are appreciated!" That girl made out like a bandit, too!

It was so funny because at first Brooke was timid and wouldn't call attention to her lemonade stand but after a few hours she would randomly go up to people and say, "Would you like some lemonade?" Some people would ask, "How much is it?" She would say, "It's free, but if you want to give me a tip you can!" She was so innocent about it, too, because regardless, she got to pour it out of her spout all by herself! She was so proud of herself and it was so much fun to watch her.

When it was all said and done, my girl walked away with almost 35 dollars over the course of 2 days. What a profitable business for a little girl!

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