Monday, November 16, 2009

Fear and Pain

I don't get Brooke lately. It's comical because she's either petrified of something or complaining of her latest ailment. I'm not sure where all of these new feelings are coming from but I am bound and determined to help her get past them!

Here are her latest fears:

*Riding in the car... Especially when there's a pothole, rough road, steep hill, or sharp turn. It's not always easy have to reach back for her little hand as she insists that I hold it!

*Taking a bath. This one baffles me because she's always fine after she gets in the tub and becomes acclimated with it. Whenever I tell her that bath time is coming she cries and says, "Cuz I'm afraid of the bath." Lol

*Her toy room. She has massive room that is specifically for her toys and it is worth absolutely nothing because now she's afraid to go in there. I asked her what the problem was and said, "Cuz there's a monkey." We took the plastic toy monkey out and put him on the deck (Because she asked for him to be put outside) but the other day when it started to rain she got very upset and asked us to bring him back in. So, now that the monkey is back in, we've come full circle. I spend a lot of time playing with her in there and she seems to be okay as long as I "pave the way" for her, but she will not go in there and play independently lately.

*All of her stuffed animals. She's had me rid her room of all the things that she used to snuggle with while she slept. How odd is that? I put a bunch of them in her closet and now she freaks out if the closet door is opened while she's trying to go to sleep.

*Washing her hands. Yes, you read that correctly. One time we were at McDonald's using the bathroom and when I went to hold her up to the counter to wash her hands I accidentally hurt her by hitting her leg on the wall. Now she associates that with washing her hands and it's an argument for us every single time. I feel so bad about that!

As for Brooke's mile long list of things that hurt her, she complains that her "fung" (tongue) hurts and we have no idea why. She also says that her bottom hurts, her hair hurts, her finger hurts, and her teeth hurt. The only that apparently doesn't hurt is her ear. Lol! Hmmm... It's hilarious because every 5 seconds she's coming up to me with a new pain and all I have to say is, "Here honey, have a drink," and that seems to do the trick almost everytime. Lol!

This is definitely an age that is filled with many challenges, I would say. It keeps things interesting, I guess! I'm wonder what she'll be afraid of in the morning?

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rccalyn said...

Marissa went through a stage where some of her stuffed animals were "scary" (the cutest ones, I thought!) but I think it's over now...Kids are funny, aren't they?!