Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Wonderful Man

Whenever I have a massive task ahead of me (such as cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 20), I'll admit, I can be pretty hyper. I'm not a very focused person so in my efforts to get the job done, I can very easily walk all over the people that I love... Especially the person who I love the most- John. I might not directly say mean things to him, but my whole attitude must completely put him on edge. I snap into crazy mode and race around the house from task to task and before I know, I have about 75 different things that I'm working on all at once!

Our Thanksgiving preparations took an interesting turn of events tonight when we came home from church and found our 24 pound turkey to still be frozen. After a week of thawing, you would think that it would be good to go, but NO. That's apparently too much to ask. I'm thankful that it's not completely frozen, but it's definitely got a ways to go before I can successfully remove the crap out of the middle. This, to me, is a cataclysmic event to have occur the night before I host 20 hungry people! I was freaking out and absolutely frazzled when we made this discovery and my wonderful husband put his arms around me and said, "Baby, it's okay. The turkey will be fine!" He didn't freak out with me or get upset.. He just listened and reassured me.

John had to be at work tonight by 11 and being his first night back for the rotation, he really, really needed the rest to get through night. However, he gave that all up for me and put himself to work around the house. Because I'm neurotic and freakish about the house being tidy for company, I had decided early in the week that it would be a good idea to steam clean the carpets. We didn't get to it until tonight and instead of saying to me, "Gee, Jillian, that's a huge undertaking the night before Thanksgiving, especially with a frozen turkey on our hands," John spent two hours cleaning the carpets. I insisted on taking over for him, but he would hear nothing of it

After John left from work, I ran upstairs to put some laundry away and on our dresser mirror was a Post-It note that he had left for me. He just left me a little message about how much he loves me and how the turkey would be fine. It's like he read my mind and KNEW that darn turkey would be constantly on my mind!

He just got out of shift briefing and he called to tell me that he would be stopping at the grocery store in the morning to get some last minute things that I forgot about. Who really wants to go to the grocery store after being up all night? Not me! What a good man I have!! :-) On top of that, he's only sleeping until noon tomorrow, so he's going to be running on very little sleep. Why? Because he loves me and searches endlessly for ways to help me.

When I'm frantic, John is calm. When I'm irrational (which is often), he's completely rational. He's that voice of reason for me that I simply cannot be for myself. He keeps my life in perspective for me and when I need a little reminder to slow down and enjoy life, he lovingly and gently gives it to me. We are polar opposites and without him, I'm not sure how I would get through life! I am so thankful that God gave me a husband who makes up for my many weaknesses. He balances me out in a way that I could have never dreamed of. Only HE could somehow get me to believe that this turkey ordeal isn't quite the end of the world!

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aj said...

Loved your post.....Give him a high 5 for me!!! Hope you guys enjoy your meal!!!