Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I had such an amazing Thanksgiving today! I'm not sure that it could have gone any smoother or that I could have enjoyed myself any more than I did.

The girls and I started our day by meeting my mom and sister at McDonald's for breakfast. It's been a long-standing tradition and it was nice to be able to spend some time with them in the morning because we didn't share Thanksgiving dinner together. We usually do Thanksgiving with John's family and Christmas dinner with my family. It really works out well for everyone and just makes the holidays less stressful.

When we got home from our little outing this morning, Patty (John's mom) came over to help me with the girls while I cooked and cleaned. She and I had a wonderful day together and I seriously don't think I could have done it without her help. The girls love her, so that's a HUGE help, and she was an enormous help in the kitchen. It was just a great day of preparation!

The food turned out perfectly... Yes, even that darn turkey. It sure did give me a scare but hey, it kept it interesting there for a while! I can't think of one thing that didn't turn out just as I had intended for it to and it's safe to say that nobody left hungry!

Adrienne will be 6 months old tomorrow (which is unbelievable!) and we were going to wait to give her her first rice cereal until then but because Thanksgiving fell only one day short of her half-year birthday, we fed her today for the first time instead. It's funny because after slaving over a hot stove all day you would think that I would have been eager to eat but I was more excited to feed Miss Adrienne. That was probably the highlight of my day! She devoured her cereal and absolutely loved it! She even cried in between bites because I wasn't feeding her fast enough. Lol! My camera is broken so I wasn't able to capture any pictures, which made me SO sad, but there will be other times for that, I guess! She was absolutely precious and giving her first food on such a special day was really awesome. I can't wait to feed her again tomorrow!

At the end of such an incredible day, I sit here in awe over how good God is. He has blessed my family and me beyond measure and if I had to tell you what I was thankful for, you would need a couple of hours to listen to me because I could go on and on. John, Brooke, and Adrienne are my entire universe but we also have so many others in our lives that we could not live without and I am so thankful for that. I am so extremely grateful that our girls will grow up with both sets of grandparents and countless aunts, uncles and cousins that all live close by. We have so much love and support!

I hope that everyone else had as wonderful of a Thanksgiving as my family and I did. Life is so good!! :-)

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