Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mommies Have Feelings, Too!

I know that this is totally stupid but I'm just being completely honest... Brooke made me so sad tonight:-( John was putting her to bed (as he always does) and they were enjoying their usual routine of putting money in Brooke's piggy bank, reading a story, praying, and singing 3 songs. I heard them laughing and giggling so I went into Brooke's room to join in on the fun. She got a weird look on her face and started to fuss a little bit so I asked her what was wrong. She looked at me and said, "Could you, um, get out of here?" I was cramping her style:-( She didn't want me to be a part of her nighttime routine. Only DADDY can do that.

There are so many times that I feel like I'm like the last person on Brooke's list. She's a daddy's girl through and through and if there's grandparent around (remember, she has 4 within close proximity), forget about it. She always wants me when she's sick or hurt, which should make me feel good, but all bets are off when nothing's wrong with her. Lol

I was talking to Alison about all of this and she reassured me a lot. She said that as moms, we're always worrying about the ins and outs of our children's care- What they eat, if they've brushed their teeth, if their hair is fixed, if they've gotten a nap, etc... Because of that, we don't always get to be that super fun parent like Daddy. I'm with Brooke ALL THE TIME and obviously John has to work so she's not with him as much. That probably makes Daddy a little bit more cool than me, huh?

I am SO thankful that John is such an attentive and amazing father. I really and truly am. I love his help with the girls and I could sit back for hours listening to Brooke cackle as John wrestles with her. It's priceless. Somehow, though, I feel like that old fuddy duddy mom who just ruins the party.

Again, I know that it's silly to let a 2.5 year old dictate my emotions but I'm human! I'm still her mommy and nothing will ever change that. And besides, next week she just may decided that she's MY girl again! Lol

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rccalyn said...

What your sister said is true, but it still hurts! I have yet to be on that end of things, but sometimes I feel bad when Marissa strongly prefers I put her to bed.