Friday, November 6, 2009

Poor Brooke:-(

Wow, it's been a really long day. It all started this morning at 1:30 when Brooke woke up with a 103.4 degree fever. Luckily she took some medicine and fell back asleep until 9:30. At that point, her fever was only 100.5, even though medicine had completely worn off, and she was her regular happy self.

Things were really pretty normal with Brooke.... Until about 1. She started to get really grumpy and miserable and just wanted to be held. From that point on, her fever has hovered around 102-103 for the entire day. I have been rotating Tylenol and Motrin and I gave her a bath but I have yet to break the fever. I feel so bad for her! Because John's schedule is all out of whack he somehow ended up with last night and tonight off and I am SO thankful that he has been around to help because she has really only wanted her daddy all day. He is such a help, too. Let me tell ya! My husband is wonderful:-)

I actually have tears in my eyes right now because Brooke just went to bed with a 102degree fever:-( She had Motrin at 3:30 so she can't have any more of that until 9:30 and she had Tylenol at 7 so she can't have that until 11. I would have liked to have kept Brooke up super later to give her the 9:30 dose of medicine but she was asking us to go to bed. She needs to rest so badly and she must have really felt awful to ask to lay down. I've been going into her room very frequently to check on her and I'm just praying that that fever breaks. My poor princess!

I was going to take her to the doctor this morning but there's a virus going around and I'm pretty sure that's what she's got. Even if she has the flu they aren't going to be able to do anything of her so I figured that I would just keep her away from the doctor's office and all the germs. If she was showing signs of dehydration or anything, I would obviously bring her right in. It's always so hard to know how to properly deal with these things, isn't it?

Despite the sickness, it really has been a nice day at home. We've all been bumming around and playing with toys and stuff. It's nice to just simply be together as a family. I made homemade cream of potato soup that was to die for, too!

Alrighty, I'm going to go relax with John and watch a movie. Something tells me that we'll have a visitor in our bed before the night is over. If you think of Brookie, please say a prayer for her! Thank you:-)

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Alison said...

Poor thing :( I hope she feels better soon and that the rest of your family is spared from this nasty bug!