Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Language Explosion

It's amazing to me how even though Adrienne is my second born, everything she does is just as exciting as it was when we experienced it for the first time around with Brooke. When I was pregnant with her I was a little curious about how that would all work out but I quickly learned that new developments never, ever become mundane when they involve my children!

Lately I am shocked by Adrienne's vocabulary. She says just about anything she wants to say and she can repeat anything and everything. It was so sweet because John gave the girls a bath last night and when she came out of the bathroom she said, "Dressed!" She was SO excited, too. I would have never thought that a one word declaration could make me smile so much but trust me, it does over and over.

Another thing that John and I find quite impressive about Adrienne is that she really loves people and is very social. In fact, there are several people at church whose names she blurted out tonight and we were in shock. Of course she knows how to say every family member's name (even our large extended family) but when she moved on to saying names of people she only sees once or twice a week, we were surprised. That's my girl.. Such a people person:-)

I am finding the experience of having a second child to be blast! I really think that Brooke's enthusiasm and excitement over Adrienne's achievements is partially what makes it so awesome. She is the first one to say, "Mommy, Adrienne said a new word!" Or, "Look what Adrienne's doing!" Brooke's love for her sister is something special and I hope it always, always stays that way.

These fun days that we're living in are what make it all worth while. Ya know? Motherhood is an exhausting, never ending job and sometimes life can seem pretty routine. However, one little smile or a new word out of the mouth of your baby can instantly cure all of that!


*~tRiStYn MiChElLe~* said...

they never cease to amaze us, do they? :) Little miracles!!! I am the same way with Brody! He has begun saying "i want ___" and "excuse me" when he burps haha. Just those little things and you just have to feel blessed! I ready your post about the c-section thing and I just have to say that I think youre even MORE of a woman for going through everything that you have...but the most important part is that you survived. You enjoyed your baby and your bond with her is no less because you missed out on those first 24 hrs. You made it through and its all just part of your story! and if it makes you feel any better...I am proud that you handled it as well as you did. even though i know you dont think so :) So your family is right...Think happy thoughts and hang in there!

rccalyn said...

Aw, so fun! Arianna's FINALLY starting to say actual words, and it really is just wonderful! Marissa gets all excited about them too, and sometimes "hears" new words we don't.