Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blogging Burn Out

Wow, after 3 and half years of blogging I think that I just got burnt out. Day in and day out of faithfully sharing my thoughts turned into me having nothing to say. How could that be? I'm rarely without words! Haha. I've said it a million times... I love my blog and I love being able to look back through the years to remember things so I'm going to try to be more faithful to update.. For MY sake. Anyways, to get me back on track, I'll just do a bullet post today. I'll throw a nice formatted, paragraph-form post out the window.

*Christmas Play... I have been so busy thinking about, writing, and planning our church's Christmas play. We haven't done a play in several years so I decided to take that project on. I just wrote a really cute musical with some songs and stuff so I'm excited. A lot of people are helping out at church so it should be fun. I just have to figure out how I'll play the piano for some of the songs, "direct" it and organize it. Yikes. I wish I could split myself down the middle!

*The girls are doing fantastic! This cooler weather has brought on lots of nice days at home baking and playing. Those are my favorite moments that we have together!

*Brooke's been keeping her regular nap AND going to bed great lately! YES! For a while there she would be awake in her room really late if she had a nap but now she's still out by about 8:30. For this I am EXTREMELY grateful! She has had a little streak of an attitude lately but she really is a great, affection, kind-hearted little girl. What child doesn't have an attitude sometimes?

*Adrienne is still the most content creature I have ever met. She continues to "go with the flow" and rarely gives me a problem. Sometimes I feel bad for her because she's so easy but she's VERY happy that way. I guess I just don't identify with her quiet, easy-going nature so it's hard for me. We're polar opposites! Lol. She is saying a countless amount of words now and her favorite game is identify her eyes, ears, mouth, nose, chin, and hair. It's so cute!

*I am going to be 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow! I have just started getting REALLY bad headaches (that I always get in the second trimester) that have been rough but I'm pushing through! I go to the doctor on Friday and I'll get to schedule the BIG ULTRASOUND! What's your guess? Boy or girl? I've also started to get a little belly. I just made the switch to my maternity jeans because the others were just getting too uncomfortable. I guess I could take a picture of my growing self but it might depress me. Lol. I had just lost 16 pounds before getting pregnant but I know this is a good cause:-)

*John's off for the next 2 days. YAY!!!!!!!!! We're taking the girls to the pumpkin farm tomorrow so I'm really looking forward to that. We're also excited to watch the Atlanta Braves in the post season over the next couple of days (and hopefully weeks). Let's go Braves!

So that's about that. Life is great and I'm really loving it more and more with each day! It's been especially nice to start slowing down after the summer rush and I am happy to be laying low these days.

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