Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Gender Issue

Two days from now we found out if baby #3 is a boy or a girl. As I've said, I truly think it's a girl.. Which is just a hunch that I have. However, I will eagerly and excitedly welcome either gender.

People can be really rude, ya know? I can't even tell you how many people have said, "Well, if this one is a girl, there's always next time." Another one of my personal favorites is, "I bet you'll really be disappointed if it's another girl." Who are you to decide that, 1) I have to have a son one day, and 2) that I don't want another little girl. I feel that those comments are very offensive because you are basing the significance on my child's existence on his or her gender. It's not fair. We got these comments during my pregnancy with Adrienne but it's definitely FAR worse this time around.

I would love to have a little boy, don't get me wrong! Seeing John with his son would be special and it would be exciting to get to experience all things blue and boyish. With that being said, though, I feel that it would be equally as wonderful to experience John loving another little girl. We are going to be thrilled regardless.

I know people that place way too much hope on the gender of the baby that when it's the opposite of what they wanted or tried for they're disappointed. I think that that's a crying shame and that people who wouldn't openly welcome a child of either sex have major issues. There are people out there who can't have children and I'm willing to guarantee that they would take any child they could get. People have no business being ungrateful and I sure as heck am not going to be!

So, in 2 days we'll know the answer to this all-too-significant question. I can't wait!! It's going to be a wonderful blessing, regardless:-)

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