Monday, December 27, 2010


I had some errands to run today and after getting home, I decided that I'm going to chose to be housebound for much of the winter. Holy cow! It was snowing and the wind chill factor was below zero. It's not a problem when it's me but when it requires putting 2 little girls into car seats and taking coats on and off in the freezing weather, it's just not worth it. Perhaps I'll just save all of my errands for John's days off when I have help.

Looking back, last year was a lot easier to deal with the winter because Adrienne was still in her infant seat. Sure, that thing is heavy but you just take it in and out of the car and she had a Bundle Me that was like her coat. It's also more difficult this year because Adrienne is more independent and wants to walk and get down in the snow. It's amazing to me how the girls don't seem nearly as bothered by the weather as I do.

New York has gorgeous seasons but man oh man, winter is TOUGH. I don't know how we endure it year after year and come through alive. It's just awful. As I always say though, it sure does make you appreciate the beautiful Spring weather when it finally gets here.. In sometimes April or even May.

I'm sure glad the girls got so many new activities for Christmas because we are going to be home a lot over the next couple of months. I've had it with the cold weather. I'm on strike.. Not that it helps! Lol

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