Friday, December 10, 2010

Slight Change in Plans

I had my 24 week prenatal visit today and all went very well! The doctor found the baby's heartbeat right away and it's always a pleasure to hear that beautiful sound. I just love being pregnant!

My C-Section was scheduled for the 23rd of March but the doctor had to set it back a few days. The board at the hospital apparently won't let them schedule C-Section before 39 weeks anymore. I was only going to be shy of 39 weeks by one day but they still wouldn't let him do it so we'll have the baby on the 25th, which is a Friday. I'm really happy about it though for a couple of reasons... March 25th is the day that John asked me to be his girlfriend and then a year later, his wife, so it's a happy day! And also, I think it will be nice having it on a Friday because nobody from our family will have to miss work or anything to help us out with the girls over the weekend. It's also more convenient because we're scheduled for noon that day, as opposed to 8 on the 23rd, so we won't have to be there at 6. It will be great for Brooke and Adrienne to have a normal morning at home with us that day.

I'm getting really excited as the day approaches.. But mostly really nervous. I just keep focusing on meeting my new daughter and being able to see who she looks like. The miracle of life will never, ever get old to me!

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