Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I don't have any clue how old I was when it started but my dad and I had a nightly ritual while I was growing up. In fact, it lasted until my last night home before getting married. Wow, that made me feel a little teary eyed! Anyways, here's how it went:

Dad: Do I love you when you're a good girl?
Me: Yes.
Dad: Do I love you when you're a bad girl?
Me: Yes.
Dad: How come I love you?
Me: Because God gave me to you.
Dad: What did God tell me to do?
Me: Love me and take care of me
Dad: Everything okay in your life?
Me: Yes.
Dad: Anything you want to take about?
Me: No.
Dad: Boys?
Me: NO! (Even when I was engaged I didn't admit it!)
Dad: Guess what?
Me: I'm the guy!

When I look back on my childhood and remember this special nightly routine that we shared I feel so blessed. Each night, for the whole sixty seconds this process took, I knew that I had my Daddy's undivided attention as he tucked me into bed. I love how he constantly left the door to communication wide opened for me and how this time daily reconnected us. It's funny to me that I've been on my own for over five years now but I will never, ever forget this. My Daddy was the person who understood me to the fullest extent and I felt so much pride having him for my father.

Thanks to an amazing Daddy, the man I would marry had large shoes to fill. I wanted someone to adore me and be as sensitive to my quirky, scatterbrained ways as he was and before meeting John, I wasn't sure if that was possible. I am so thankful that God sent him into my life to not only be my husband but also, the incredible, adoring father to our girls that my father always was to me. As I think of the ways my dad loved me as a little girl (and all throughout my life) and how secure that made me feel, I feel so blessed to know that that's how our girls will feel when they look at John!

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Dad and amazing husband. They are special to me in so many ways on everyday of the year but this special "Hallmark" holiday simply gives me an excuse to brag on them! :-)

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