Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Future is Bright!

I get so excited when I think of the days ahead. I love my life now and I'm definitely not wishing these precious moments away, but there are some amazing things to look forward to.

I dream of the day when my girls are the best of friends. Brooke is so enamored with her sister now and just seeing a glimmer of what's to come, really excites me. I know that when Adrienne is older that the girls will fight and bicker and they may even go through stages where they can't stand each other, but they will ALWAYS have the common bond of sisterhood. Nobody can take that from them. I love that they will grow together and be there for one another through the ups and downs of life. My sister and I were best friends growing up (and we still are!) and just knowing that my girls will have that support system for one another is incredible to me.

I look so forward to watching my children turn into the women that God has intended for them to be. I wonder now... What will interest them? Will they be athletic like their daddy or musical like me? Will they be outgoing or shy? Will they be book-smart or creative? Honestly, I have no preferences about any of those things and that's just the beauty of parenting. Regardless, I'll love them the same.

I can't wait for school days where I can help them with their homework, cart them around to soccer practice (or whatever it may be), and watch them make new friendships. I have always wanted to be a "room mother" who volunteers to help out with class parties and field trips, but something tells me that my kids won't think that's quite so cool. Lol

I love, love, love having my little girls and all of the wonderful things that comes with them! While I cherish these days now, it's so much fun to dream of the future just a little bit now and then!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for your encouraging comment! Your family looks so precious. You two girls are lovely. We have good friends who are done having kids and they have 3 princesses ages 9-3 and are completely excited about that. They are each so unique. And they're one of the sweetest, godly families we know too. I was reading your post about having a boy so I just wanted to add that. Nice meeting you!