Monday, April 18, 2011

Life with Three

Let me just say, having three children is A LOT of work! It's definitely rewarding and worth it but there is always something to be done. Just meeting everyone's basic needs keeps me completely busy whether it's getting someone dressed or changed, feeding someone, getting something for someone, etc.. On top of that, there is also tons of housework, laundry and of course, lots of time for reading books to and and playing with the girls. It's no wonder why I feel like crashing every night at 8!

The first couple of days after we brought Bailey home were a little insane but our issues quickly resolved themselves. Taking care of all the girls definitely requires a lot of work, like I just got done saying, but I don't feel overwhelmed by it all anymore. I'm starting to get things down to a science, too, and figuring out the best methods for accomplishing things.

Right now I do miss the time I had to spend with Brooke and Adrienne. Before Bailey was born we would do a lot of baking and cooking together but having a newborn kind of puts baking on the back burner. She doesn't reliably nap anywhere right now so it's hard to start a project only to have to stop 5 minutes into it. I'm savoring these newborn days but at the same time am eager for the days of a more solid routine for Bailey.

I think my biggest struggle is trying to find time for the house. I'll admit, I require that things be very tidy and I feel frustrated if I go to bed with dirty laundry or dishes in the sink. When Bailey sleeps I go into hyper mode and try to get anything and everything done before she wakes up... She's like a ticking time bomb! Lol. While a clean house is wonderful, I think that time could probably be better served with some one-on-one time with Brooke or Adrienne. I spend time with them all day, obviously, but it probably means that much more to them when it's alone for a few minutes. It's just SO tough to keep all of these things in good balance.

Bailey is a VERY content and easy going baby and only cries when she needs something. That has definitely made for an easy transition and I'm so thankful for that! She also is a great little sleeper so I have no complaints whatsoever.

I absolutely love being a mommy to three and I can only imagine that it just gets better from here on out:-)For now, I just want to slow down and enjoy every minute!

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rccalyn said...

Ah, I know what you mean. I spent ages tonight just catching up on laundry from only a few days and making some time for the sadly neglected house while the kids all slept! It really is a lot of work. It'll be nice once our little babies don't need to nurse ALL THE TIME (6mo or so) - I'm looking forward to some one-on-one time with the older ones!