Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Out and About

The last couple of days have been really refreshing because we have been able to get out of the house and carry on with life as normal. I SO needed that because I haven't been weepy or emotional ever since we started being more active. I love my home and my responsibilities here, but I thrive on being out and interacting with people and doing things!

Yesterday was our first outing as a family of 4 and it was amazing! Adrienne had her first doctor's visit so we all headed out for that. Everything checked out great there... She's still 8 pounds, her lungs are clear, and everything else looked wonderful! Such a relief! After that we went to Target to get a few items we needed for the house. I was so excited to be there that you would have thought I was at Disney World or something! Lol! Before heading home we went to Ground Round for lunch. It was pretty chaotic because the second my food got there Adrienne woke up and wanted to eat. That didn't bother me because I'm an old nursing pro and I can nurse a baby virtually anywhere.... BUT, she pulled one of her nursing strikes and refused to latch on, despite much effort. She just sat at my breast and fussed and wouldn't open her mouth or anything. By the time I was done figuring her out, my food was cold so I ended up only eating a few bites. Meanwhile, Brooke was sitting next to me patting Adrienne's head saying, "It's okay, baby sissy!" Though lunch was semi-stressful, we managed and I really grew confidence that I CAN be a mommy to two just fine!

Today we headed to Kohl's to find Adrienne some clothes that fit. She only had 4 newborn outfits and she swims in 0-3 month clothes so we needed to buy a few things to hold us over until she grows. Brooke was a bit of disaster in the store and Adrienne wanted to nurse. I was really proud because John and I managed just fine and we didn't get stressed or anxious over our fussing kids. Again, it was SUCH a confidence booster for me! We ran to Sam's for lunch afterwards (can't beat feeding all of us for $5!) and looked around for a bit and that was much calmer than Kohl's because Brooke was well behaved and Adrienne slept. Phew!

Things are going really well over here! I'm not overly emotional, I'm healing really well from my C-Section- better than I thought, even- and I'm absolutely in love with my daughters. Seeing Brooke as a big sister has really been special and getting to love on and enjoy my newest princess has been wonderful! Also, John has been AMAZING. Our house is spotless, the laundry is all done, and he is my biggest support and encourager. We have spent so much time laughing together this week and we really make a good team! Another thing that has helped lighten our load is that Adrienne sleeps soundly in her cradle from 9-11:30ish each night. I hope that this routine sticks because it is definitely our time to unwind and be still together!

John goes back to work tomorrow night, which I'm DREADING big time:-( I know that this is life though and I can't have him home forever. I'm excited because my mom will be "taking care" of me on Thursday and Friday, which should be lots of fun. Then, John has the weekend off because he starts working at the county's human health services building again on Monday. John does have to work on Saturday night from 4-11 though because he's doing extra security for a fair that's going on. Ugh.. Can't beat the money though.

Alrighty, that just about brings you up to speed on things around here. I'm really enjoying my life and being a mommy to two beautiful girls makes it all worth the while!

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