Thursday, December 3, 2009

Birthday Details

Yesterday was my birthday and my family made sure that I had a special day! Although, I must admit, once you're a mom, birthdays aren't quite the same as they were prior to motherhood. You learn that life actually still goes on on your birthday... Diapers need to be changed, beds needs to be made, children need to be fed, etc...

My mom and my sister took me out for my birthday lunch yesterday. Al and I have 4 kids aged 3 and under between the 2 of us so it was hectic but it was lots of fun! We have awesome, awesome kids so that always helps.

I cannot believe how my husband spoiled me for my birthday. Oh my word! While I was at lunch he ran out and bought me a dozen red roses. They are so beautiful and they are the perfect centerpiece for my dining room table! Later in the afternoon, after Brooke woke up from her nap, we opened gifts. He gave me two precious cards (one from the girls and one from him) and then I had one gift to open. It was a picture frame that I had been wanting and I was really happy to get it! John then went on to apologize that I didn't have much to open and he told me that dinner and the movie were my main gift. I was totally fine with that because I don't need a lot of gifts to feel loved! Then he started to prod me about what I would be wearing for dinner and how I should dress up. I was a little confused because we were just going to the Olive Garden... not a 5 star restaurant! Then he pulled the most amazing diamond stud earrings out of his pocket and said, "Well, you're going to need something to match these!" I was shocked and completely blown away by his thoughtfulness and generosity! I seriously have the best husband ever!! :-)

Our date last night was HEAVEN. Dinner was so relaxed and we enjoyed the uninterrupted conversation so much. It was so wonderful to be able to focus on one another 100 percent. After dinner, we went to see Blind Side, which is definitely a must see for you all! The best part? Our girls did great!!!! Adrienne took her milk just fine out of her sippy cup, which was a major relief! I had pumped almost 20 ounces for her and she drank 5. Lol! I'm such a Jew!! :-) Both girls were asleep when we got in and they didn't wake up until after 9 this morning. I'm really encouraged to know that we can do dates just fine without Adrienne going hungry. It's kind of liberating!

All in all, my birthday was wonderful! On Sunday John's family is having a joint birthday party for both of us so I sill have that to look forward to on top of everything else. I have the best family!!

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