Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Teaching Humility

The other day my brother-in-law, Luke, told Brooke that she was beautiful. She looked at him and said, "Yes I am!" No matter what compliment that you give my daughter, she agrees with you... Even if you're a complete stranger. The other day the cashier at the grocery store told her how pretty she was and she mumbled, "Yes I'm pretty." Lol

While I want my daughter to be confident and know that she is beautiful, special, talented, etc... I do NOT want her to be too confident. I want her to be humble and to know that she isn't perfect and that she does lack in certain areas. Sad but true!

I had been telling Brooke over and over again that when someone compliments her that you're not really supposed to say, "Yes I am." She just laughed and joked with me about it. I finally sat down with her and explained to her that it's much nicer to say, "Thank you! That's a nice compliment," whenever someone says something nice about her. Now she walks around saying. "Thank you! That's a good compliment!" It's so hilarious listening to her say it, too! It's so funny because now we all shower her with compliments over and over to see if she'll say it and I think she's got it down pat!

It's such a massive responsibility to raise a little lady (or 2!), isn't it? While at Brooke's age it might be cute for her to agree with the compliments she receives, it's not teaching her a thing about humility. Whenever she latches on to one of my lessons on life, I am so encouraged! I'm trying to mold her into a woman of God and each step in that direction makes me smile! :-)

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rccalyn said...

Oh that's so funny - we just went through the same thing with Marissa recently. She dresses up like a princess ALL THE TIME. And she used to greet people (even when NOT dressed up) saying "I'm a pretty princess!" Lol. Just the other day she was talking about how one of the Disney princesses wasn't pretty enough! I don't know how she gets this stuff, must be born with it! But we've been working on the whole "say thank you when someone says something nice to you" but it takes work, doesn't it?!