Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas in Brooke's Eyes

While this is Brooke's third Christmas, in many ways I feel like it's her first. She is finally old enough to take it all in and soak it up to the fullest and there has been no greater joy for me than watching her. She is truly amazed by it all... The lights, the tree, the decorations, the gifts, etc.. But most importantly, she's knows that Christmas is Jesus' birthday and that that's why we really celebrate. I love it!

To go in to our town there's a bridge that has rows of street lights on either side. For Christmas they put big light-up snowflakes and ribbons on them and every single time we see them, Brooke is fascinated. She never gets sick of looking at them. Ever. She says now, "Mommy, look, those are decorations for Jesus' birthday!" It's so adorable!

Of course, Brooke already has a materialistic side to her... She knows exactly what she wants for Christmas and she continually reminds us. Right now all she seems to talk about is getting a highchair for her baby dolls. She says, "Mommy, my babies need a highchair so I don't have to uses Rage's (Adrienne) anymore." Lol! That was the first thing we marked off of our shopping list but she has no clue. It is SO MUCH FUN!! We have gotten her several nice things but we have refrained from going hog wild to avoid deviating from the true meaning of the holiday. Also, she has LOTS of family and gets LOTS of gifts. It's insane, actually.

I love watching Christmas in my daughter's eyes because each Christmas carol, every house adorned with lights, and every decked out Christmas tree are noteworthy to her. She has yet to realize the hustle and bustle of the season that so easily steals the joys of Christmas from so many adults. In the few remaining days of this magical season, I am aiming to be more like her and open my eyes to the beauty and wonder that is right before my eyes!

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