Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All Attitude

Brooke continues to be a total drama queen. Everything to her is a HUGE deal and she has one heck of an attitude on her. It's comical because one second she'll be laughing and kissing me and telling me she loves me but in the snap of a finger she is on the floor screaming. I can imagine how pleasant that will be when the hormones kick in. Yikes! This should be giving me a nice preview of her teen years. Lol

Most of the issues we have are basically over her willfulness. As I've said before, she likes to have things done her way and in her timetable. It's my job to teach her that that's just not how life works and it's not very easy! Even though it would be easier for me just to let her do her own thing I know that I'm only doing her a disservice in the end.

While I was doing the dishes from dinner John had the dog out and Brooke was running back and forth from the kitchen to the living room. I caught her sneaking the dog hand fulls of food behind my back. When I told her to stop doing it she screamed, "NO! I won't!" Then, she shoved the dog food IN HER MOUTH. I mean seriously, how do you not laugh at that? After I disciplined her (which is never fun) and we got settled down from that whole incident, the stupid dog threw up everywhere due to all of that excess food. Who knows how much she gave him! This is my chaotic life for you but somehow, I still love it anyways!

Brooke really is at a fun age so I don't want this post to seem like I'm upset or complaining. I'm just noting that she has an attitude and she knows how to use it! She also is the most affectionate, hilarious, beautiful, and creative little human beings you will every meet. Her attitude just gives her some spunk and I hate to admit it, but she's A LOT like me. I guess I had it coming, huh??!??! :-)

We really had a more difficult day today but that's what motherhood is all about... Some days are easy, many days are hard, but regardless, my daughters are an amazing source of joy for me. I am confident that tomorrow will be a new day and if it's not, there's the next day!

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MrsMonicaLB said...

dog food,yeah how do you not laugh at that,i am laughing,thanks for that!my grandbaby throws tantrums,eesh they are horrible,and those tears coming out like waterfalls one second gone the next.gotta love them!