Sunday, January 31, 2010

Breastfeeding Issues...

From day one, Adrienne was never a good nurser. She had so many latch issues a newborn and it's been so odd parenting her as opposed to Brooke because she is not a comfort nurser like her big sister was. For Brooke, nursing fixed everything and Adrienne could seriously take it or leave it.

Lately I have to fight with Adrienne to get her to nurse and she is so much more interested in eating REAL food than breastfeeding. I know that a lot of that is her age and that she has a growing awareness of the world around her, also. I rarely feed her out of the house anymore because she is just NOT into it and it turns into a game of her pulling peek-a-boo with my nursing cover. It's just a tad bit challenging when I'm trying to be modest!

I feel sad when I think about the strong possibility of Adrienne self-weening in the foreseeable future. Brooke nursed for 23 months (which is something that I'm proud of!) and I loved the relationship we shared as she snuggled in my bed every morning. I have been planning on letting Adrienne nurse until her heart's content, also, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I had to push her to that one year mark... Which is non-negotiable, if you ask me.

Breastfeeding is such an amazing thing. I love how I can be nursing my baby and she just looks up at me and coos. My heart just melts in those moments. I love that she is so dependent on ME and that I give her something that nobody else can give her. It is a bond like none other... Even if Adrienne uses the time more for recreation and less for eating!


Tiff said...

I've been feeling the same way about Molly. She would never comfort nurse, and throws a fit if I try to feed her and she isn't hungry. I still plan to nurse her to sleep for naps and bedtime for as long as she'll let me, but I have a feeling we'll be transitioning to milk sooner than I had hoped (after the year mark of course!)

rccalyn said...

She's 8 months, right? Arianna had a phase around then where she acted like she wanted to be done nursing and I got all worried! Maybe this is just a phase for Adrienne too? I hope so for your sake! Arianna still doesn't really comfort nurse as much as Marissa used to, but she definitely still likes doing it. I nursed Marissa for 19 months, and I hope to nurse Arianna for at least that long! (I only stopped nursing Marissa because I had a D&C for a miscarriage and then they wanted to give me some weird antibiotic that they weren't comfortable with going through my milk...but Marissa was pretty close to ready anyways.)