Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Silly Adrienne

Adrienne is doing some precious, silly new things and it's so much fun to watch her turn into her own individual! This stage is A LOT of work but it's truly a blast and so worth it! Here's what's new:

*Whenever we say, "Where's Adrienne" she puts her fingers over her eyes and tries to "hide." SO cute!

*She does NOT like the word "no" and when we tell her no she cries, spazzes, and sometimes hits her head on the floor, wall, couch, etc... She has a crazy temper! She also throws herself back constantly when she doesn't approve of something.

*She shakes her head "no" now. If we try to feed her something that she doesn't want she shakes her head like crazy! It's hilarious! She randomly shakes her head for the fun of it but she also uses it to communicate with us.

*She's AWESOME at sign language and consistently says "more" and "all done" while she's eating!

*She finally started saying "mama" and it just melts my heart. It will never get old being called Mama!

*Back to her temper... She FLIPS out when we put her in the car seat and it's so much work trying to buckle her in. John and I always fight over who gets to put Brooke in the car and who has to take Adrienne. Lol

Alright, just wanted to jot some of these things down so I wouldn't ever forget these precious moments:-)

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rccalyn said...

Aw, she sounds like so much fun! That must be so nice to hear her say Mama, and see her sign more and all done! Arianna is so stubborn!