Sunday, May 2, 2010


To be completely honest, this past week has been a more difficult week for me as a mom. Brooke's been extra challenging which isn't a huge deal, but to add to that, the girls have not been napping well. From day one I have worked to put them on the same nap schedule as each other but lately they have been falling asleep in the car (on the days we're out) and then not transferring into their beds without waking up raring to go. We have had some unavoidable appointments and commitments this week and the car rides managed to mess with naps almost every single day

I was starting to feel bogged down. It's hard to not EVER get a break throughout the course of the day. I book their nap time with one thing after another... My exercise and shower usually come first and then I do any housework and/or laundry that is laying around. Without the free time to do those things, I was starting to feel the weight of not having enough hours in the day. Then, I just gave my feelings and frustrations to God. I've been praying every day that God will give me a servant's heart for my children and that when their agenda conflicts with mine that I will be content to meet their needs above my own. For me, it's easy to care of my girls and be content in doing so when our everything goes according to my "plan" but it's hard to not let setbacks frustrate me.

I must say that God has really answered my prayers as of late. I have a renewed sense of excitement and joy in regards to raising my daughters. Granted, the girls still aren't their usual perfectly napping selves but I'm not allowing that to get the best of me. The dishes and the housework can sit for a bit longer and the laundry might have to pile up a bit but all of that stuff isn't what really matters.

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