Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who's the Mommy Here?

I have to crack up over the ownership that Brooke takes for her little sister. It's heart warming and hilarious all in one. I think that somehow in that little three year old head of hers that she really believes that it's her job to take care of Adrienne. Here are some recent examples...

*"Mommy, I'm going upstairs to get my shoes. Could you please watch my sister?" I'm pretty sure that she got this from John and me because whenever one of us has to go upstairs or somewhere away from Adrienne we ask the other to keep an eye on her. She's at that stage where she simply has to be watched every second. She's into EVERYTHING!

*"Mommy, my sis is hungry. We need to get her a snack." Yes, Brookie, I know that your sister requires food. Lol.

*The other day Brooke was eating some ice cream and Adrienne was flipping out. Brooke started to feed her little bites from her spoon (after asking for my permission first) and they must have split the entire bowl of ice cream because they shared so nicely. This same thing happened the other day when Brooke had a Popsicle. They are so precious!

*If ever Adrienne gets into something that she's not supposed to Brooke tries to take matters into her own hands and grab it from her. This usually results in a fight... As I'm sure you can imagine. Lol! Other times she'll say, "Mommy, sissy is doing something dangerous." She often exaggerates big time but I think it's really nice that she tries to be helpful.

*With every new achievement that Adrienne reaches Brooke is EXTREMELY excited. She gets on her fake little phone and says, "Grammy, you're never going to believe what Adrienne did. She..." I love hearing her have this fake little conversations. It's hilarious! I hope that she's always this proud of her baby sister's accomplishments.

I could go on and on about the kind ways that Brooke helps me take care of her little sister. I am really amazed at how nurturing Brooke already is and how much she loves Adrienne. I love to think about the relationship that they will always have because they are binded by sisterhood. I hope the saying, "Sisters by chance, friends by choice" will always be true for them throughout the years!

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rccalyn said...

Awwww! Marissa does many of the same cute things, and here I thought she was unique in them. Lol. It really is so sweet to watch them interact, isn't it?!