Friday, June 18, 2010

Smiles!! :-)

I know that this is blurry and it's only a cell phone picture but BOTH of my girls are smiling at the same time so I just have to post it! All you mothers out there know how hard it is to get two (or more) kids to smile in unison. I should totally win an award for this or something! Don't ya think?

This is their favorite place to sit in our house. I'm not quite sure why. I love it because I have always used that bottom step to put Brooke's shoes on before leaving the house and now that Adrienne wears shoes she brings me her shoes, sits on the step, and patiently waits while I put them on her. SO precious! She wants to be just like Brookie... And who could blame her???


mrsofficer said...

Aww they do look so cute!I hope you get many more pics of them smiling, with 3 sometimes I just give up haha

Anonymous said...


MONICA-LnP said...

They are so adorable!