Friday, July 16, 2010


This lady has been coming to our church for a couple of months and she camps at a park in our town. I just so happened to run into her at the park the other day and she said that she was taking her motorcycle and going out of town for a while and then gave me the keys to her gorgeous camper and told us to use it whenever we like. Now if you know me you know that I'm NOT outdoorsy at all and to me, "roughing" it is a Holiday Inn. So yeah, the words "camping" and "Jillian" don't often end up in the same sentence/

John was off on Wednesday night and Thursday night and when I told him about this lady's offer he was all over it. He and his family grew up camping all the time... And I'm talking about tents here, not some fancy camper. Even though I would have (at the time) preferred to just stay in the comforts of our home, I told John we would go. So we went and had had lots of camp fires and just spent some time outside with family that stopped by. We took walks and let the girls play on all the playgrounds there. I enjoyed myself and am usually happy just being wherever my family is but I definitely got my camping fix for a good long while. Lol. The camping lifestyle is nice every once in a while but I don't see how people retire like that and spend all their days in a camper.

People at church kept telling me, "Jillian, you aren't going camping... You're staying at a hotel on wheels!" Lol. And seriously, I'm even laughing at how true that statement was. The camper had all of the amenities of home... Bathroom, air conditioner, shower, beds, TV, couch, etc.. so that was nice. It was also very comfortable and the girls slept great! We even went home for showers and for nap time. I'm not quite sure I could have tolerated camping FULL time for 48 hours. Lol

So we're home and I'm sad to see my husband go back to work tonight but I'm EXTREMELY happy to back into my big, spacious house. Lol.

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