Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let Her Be Little

My day started this morning with Brooke wanting to wear her bright yellow shoes. More than anything in the universe, that was her one desire. Now, I'm all for snazzing things up and these patent leather crazy yellow shoes are cute sometimes... Provided that they are matched with the perfect outfit. However, when they don't exactly match the outfit that she's wearing, I have to kind of think of ways to distract her from them. This morning, though, I just let her be 3 and ya know, it felt good. I'll admit that the shoes weren't horribly mismatched with her outfit but they wouldn't have been my first choice. That didn't matter though. She was proud that she had chosen her shoes.

Then, we had my nephew's birthday party tonight and Brooke wanted to wear her insanely huge (but adorable) tutu. Guess what... I let her! I'm not going to lie... I was happy when she decided to take it off about 10 minutes through the party but at least she got to assert her independence. She also enjoyed the attention of everyone complimenting her tutu! Lol

Brooke is starting to more and more want to have a say in the ins and outs of her day... How she wears her hair, what shoes she wears, what clothes she wears, etc... You get my point! I try so hard to remember that she will only be 3 once and this is her only childhood. Life is too short to waste time worrying about bright yellow shoes or enormous tutus. These are lessons that I am slowly learning!

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Simply Complicated said...

When I look at some of my pictures from when I was little I say "mom, seriously, how did you let me wear that?" I totally have a new understanding now!!! It is so cute though. Allie has this thing for wearing her mickey mouse ears on the days we need to go grocery shopping... lovely :-)