Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kid In A Candy Store

Since John became a cop (almost 5 years ago) he has had to order all of his police gear online. It's not quite the same as being able to go sift through things in a store to find exactly what you want. So when his brother (who just graduated from the academy) found a police store about an hour from here, they were pretty excited. Today we hopped in the car and went!

From the sounds of this magical place, I was expecting a huge warehouse that was filled with all manner of police stuff. I got one part right... It was filled with police stuff but it was NOT a warehouse. It was this tiny place that had anything and everything that a cop could ever want or dream of. Seriously, John could have spent $500 in there without even blinking! We were there forever and I was feeling kind of claustrophobic but there were tons of cops in and out of there and I basically sat in a chair for like 2 hours and listened in on everyone else's conversations. What else was I to do? Oh yes, and I also helped pick out boots. I was very helpful, if I can brag! Lol

John walked away with an awesome new flashlight that holds a charge for like 12 hours and only takes 90 seconds to recharge. He felt bad spending the money but his flashlight now isn't working consistently and when you work nights, you NEED a light! He also had to buy a new thing for his gun belt to hold his new flashlight and then some new boots. I basically had to BEG him to buy the boots though because again, he hates spending money on himself. I was so happy when we walked out of there with things for him! It took some effort on my end but it was worth it!

The police store was kind of like a version of my personal hell... The bathrooms were "manly" (AKA... Filthy!), there was nothing pretty to look at (other than pink handcuffs!), and there were nasty, hairy dog beds (but thankfully NO dogs today). However, I was feeling so happy to be doing something for John by being there with a happy heart. How many times has he sat outside of the dressing room while I've tried on 12 different pairs of jeans? Or how many times has he walked through Target with me just because I like to look? It was so nice to "give back" to the man who does SO much for me to make me happy:-) He was completely in his element and I was thrilled to see him doing something for himself for once.


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

God bless you my sweet friend. God bless your hubby too.

Tiff said...

Sounds exactly like Rob in a military supply store! Thankfully he never has to go far to find one of those. I bet your husband would love looking around those stores too!