Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tom Boy

Adrienne is seriously such a rough little girl and is the exact opposite of my dainty, timid Brooke. She is turning into quite the Tom Boy!

For starters, she is tough as nails. She fell down face first on the sidewalk the other day and skinned her elbow and knee but just got up and kept going. She also barely fussed when she got her fingers smashed in the door yesterday! It's like nothing phases her.

She's becoming such a bully too which I obviously don't like but I'm working tirelessly to teach her to be kind. Poor Brooke was standing on a chair helping me cook this morning and Adrienne stood on the ground and tried to bite her leg over and over. When that didn't work she started head-butting her repeatedly. This is the way she handles it anytime somebody has what she wants. She just learned how to say "please" using words (she's known how to say "please" in sign language) so I'm constantly reminding her to ask for things and I'm hoping that it will redirect some of her frustrations. Although it's not nice that she's mean to Brooke (or her cousins at times) it's kind of comical to watch her because she thinks she is so big and tough.

Adrienne is also very "athletic" already. She carried around John's basketball tonight and kept throwing it and did REALLY well. She can also kick a ball with great coordination and gets it pretty far. I think I'll be going to many of her sports functions when she's older!

On the inside of my rough, tough, and feisty little Adrienne is a precious little girl that gives me hugs and kisses on demand. She also loves to bring me books and sit in my lap to "read" them. Once I start reading a book now she closes it and says, "the end!" SO sweet:-) Her little personality is so spunky and uniquely her.

I wonder if Adrienne is so tough because she's the second baby or if she would have been like this regardless of her birth order? Sometimes I wonder if I smothered Brooke too much with sympathy every single time she fell down or whimpered and that's why she's so cautious and fearful of things? Either way, I'm not complaining about either of my girls' personalities. I think they are perfect and just the way that God intended for them to be! :-) It's just interesting to think about why they are the way that they are!

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*~tRiStYn MiChElLe~* said...

So weird...every single way you described adrienne is EXACTLY the way Brody is!!! I thought I was reading that about my own child! Right down to saying "the end" with the books! amazing :0) Our rough and tough 2nd children!