Friday, March 25, 2011

Down In The Dumps

This has been a busy week for us. I was planning on having a baby today at noon so my week has been packed with cleaning and getting ready and then yesterday we took the girls for a family fun day which included Chuck E. Cheese, the mall, and dinner at Cracker Barrel. I was starting to feel emotional about the upcoming change but had made total peace with everything and I felt completely prepared for all that was about to take place.

When we got home I got a call from the hospital. I naively thought that it was to confirm my appointment for my C-Section but instead it was to delay it until 5 this afternoon. Obviously I was bummed because those five extra hours seemed like a lot to me but I got over it.

Last night was an awful night... I was up all night with an upset stomach and I was altogether anxious, excited and eager for the day that was ahead of us. I woke up this morning feeling exhausted and sick to my stomach but thrilled to be meeting my baby. Then... It all changed. The hospital called back to say that my C-Section was delayed again... Not sometime later today, not tomorrow, but SUNDAY morning. Unreal. I tried to stay composed because I know it's not their fault.. Apparently so many women are in labor that they have absolutely no beds. However, it just stinks that everything was completely planned on my end- the girls' care and everything, and it was all for nothing.

I'm trying to perk up but I have been in a funk this morning. I should be in a hospital bed right now waiting to meet Bailey. I should be on the edge of my seat with excitement. Today should have been a day of new life and completing our family. So many things should have been today and somehow, none of them are. I think I'll go wallow in self pity now....

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rccalyn said...

I can only imagine how frustrating that must be! But ya know, the rest of us can't plan childcare around a surprise birth ;-) I hope it still goes through for you on Sunday!