Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Happenings

Man, we have been so busy the last couple of days. On top of the usual stuff, we've been keeping our schedule full running errands and going to appointments.. All in preparation for Bailey. I've turned into a psycho... Like the baby will care if we all have had haircuts, eye exams, and dental appointments. Lol

John had this past weekend off and it was incredible! We went on a big date on Saturday night without the girls and that will most likely be one of our last outings alone for quite some time. I love nursing my babies but I know that it will strap me down until she's much older. Anyways, we went to Olive Garden for dinner, shopping for an outfit for me to come home from the hospital in, and then to a movie. John was so patient with me and wonderful as we shopped. I definitely picked a keeper:-) As much as we love the girls, it's always nice to reconnect with no interruptions.

I was extremely happy because after a night of bliss, John could also go to church with us on Sunday morning. Because of his schedule he can't often be there so it's a real treat when he is! We've been doing a marriage class at church on Sunday nights and we were SUPER bummed because the class was canceled this week thanks to a HUGE snowstorm. Despite it, though, we had a nice quiet night with the girls and were extra thankful that John didn't have to go out in it to work that night.

Monday morning met us with almost 2 feet of snow. It was insane! It's MARCH. When will this weather ever end????? Our snow had just melted and it was so nice to not have wet feet and pants every time we went outside but now we're revisiting that. UGH! I'm just thankful that we had so much help getting plowed out by our neighbors because it would have taken John all day.

Monday evening Adrienne started throwing up.. In the middle of the grocery store, no less. It was awful and I felt so bad for her! She was pitiful and continued to throw up until bedtime. Both girls went to bed at 8 and then Brooke woke up at 10 throwing up. I just knew I was in for a long night of it but after that, they both continued to sleep through the night and have been almost 100 percent today. That's my kind of bug! I'm kind of waiting to get it now, though, and I'm hoping that that's not the case!

I had my doctor's appointment today and after my appointment next week, that's it. CRAZY! The baby looks good and there's nothing new to report. She'll be in our arms in just a little over two weeks. Again, I say CRAZY!

Alright, I think that about sums up our not-so-quiet little life. It's a wonderful life, nonetheless!

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