Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brooke's Two-Year Check-Up

Brookie had her big two-year doctor appointment today and everything went very well! She weighs in at 24 pounds and 14 ounces and she is 34 inches long. She got so big! The doctor said that her weight is very, very healthy, though it is towards the lower end of the acceptable weight for her height. So, as of right now she is tall and skinny. He was extremely impressed by her verbal skills and he said that her development far exceeded his expectations.... Which is just what every mother likes to hear:-)

Brooke had to have the standard two-year-old blood work done today plus one shot that she wasn't caught up on:-( The shot didn't bother me but I had REALLY been dreading the blood work because it just brings back all of the memories from when we thought Brooke was so sick. They only needed the blood to test for lead poisoning so I asked the doctor if they could just do a finger prick. He agreed that Brooke had had a lot of blood work and that it would be nice to cut her some slack. When I got down to the lab, however, they informed me that they DON'T do finger pricks because it takes three minutes of squeezing the finger to get enough blood for lead testing. I was crushed. Anyways, thankfully Patty (John's mom) went with me so I wouldn't have to be strong on my own and between the two of us and the two phlebotomists, it really wasn't that bad. Brooke did GREAT and only cried for a second because her arm was being held. Immediately after she was done, she was completely happy and all she wanted to was play in the Elmo chair that they had. I got all worked up over virtually nothing, as usual.

In other news, we ordered Brooke's big girl furniture yesterday. YAY! It will be here in 20-30 days because they had to special order it for us. All we have to do is paint and get organized now. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

Alrighty, I'm off to get some rest while the princess rests. I'm expecting a good nap out of her after the shot. We'll see...

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Alison said...

I'm glad things went well at her appointment. The blood draws always seem to be worse for us than they do for the kids! I know they bring back bad memories for you though...

Tall and skinny...off the charts...sounds familiar :) I think we just have small kids.

Love your new blog design!!