Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wake-Up Call

This morning Brooke woke up early again (around 7) to be a "snuggle buggle." I suppose there are worse things! Anyways, we got all warm and cozy and drifted off to sleep until a little before 9. I woke up to her kissing my lips repeatedly and saying, "I love you mommy. Get up!" It was precious! I was awake because I have my mommy alarm that wakes me any time she gets up, but I was pretending to be out of it still. I kept moving my face and every time that I did Brooke would pull it back towards her so she could kiss me some more. Finally I opened my eyes real wide and said, "Good morning, Brookie!" She was VERY excited and said, "Come on, mommy, make me pancakes. Get dressed!" It was hilarious and absolutely adorable:-)

Tomorrow we're having Brooke's party for all of our family! Her birthday isn't actually until Sunday but Sundays are so crazy with my dad being a pastor and all, so we're celebrating with all of our extended relatives early. We were going to do it Saturday, but that wouldn't work because 1) it's my sister-in-law's birthday and 2) it's Valentine's day... Not a good combination! Tomorrow night there will probably be about 25 people at our house and we're having pulled pork, homemade macaroni and cheese (because it's B's favorite!), and some sort of vegetable. John's aunt made Brooke a Curious George cake (which was requested by the birthday girl) and I made her the ceremonial petite fours that I made for her last year. It's a tradition that I'm determined to keep up with through the years! It should be a nice little party for my girl! After church on Sunday we're all going to go for pizza (another one of Brooke's favorite foods) together. My parents and siblings, along with John's parents and siblings all go to our church so it will be easy to all get together.

When John gets home from work we're going to run out and get all of the things we'll need for the party tomorrow. I know that I will feel MUCH better when things are actually bought. I'm such a procrastinator and party-planning is not my forte!

Alrighty, off to get supper ready...

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