Tuesday, October 27, 2009

5 Months Old!

Sometimes I feel like I should always celebrate Adrienne's birthday on the 28Th of each month instead of the 27Th. Whenever I remember May 27Th, I think of the anguish I felt as I couldn't even meet my baby who was taken from me so quickly. I think of how she was hooked up to an IV and struggling to breathe yet I didn't have the strength to get out of my bed and meet her. Talk about guilt. I think of how I finally got to meet her that night and not only did I not get to nurse her, but I was only able to hold her briefly before the alarm sounded saying her oxygen levels were dipping. It wasn't really the birthday that I had planned for her at all. However, I'm so blessed because May 28Th did come (after what seemed like years of waiting) and my precious little girl is now perfectly healthy. I know that many might look at me and think that I'm selfish or stupid to still feel sad about that because she's totally fine now, but I'm still a human and I still kind of relive those emotions every month when I think about Adrienne's birth.

So, in honor of the big 5-month-old, let me do a little recap on Miss Adrienne and what she's like:

She enjoys: Being on her belly, standing up and looking all around, sucking her thumb, and being put over your shoulder. She's a true daddy's girl it seems and she just lights up whenever she looks at him. That makes two daddy's girls! Darn it! Lol

She doesn't like: Loud noises or anything that startles her. She gets scared very easily and doesn't take it too well. She also doesn't particularly enjoy riding in the car.

Her temperament is: Easy-going, social, content, and goofy. I LOVE her personality and each day I uncover new elements about her to enjoy.

Her favorite pastimes: Sitting in her bouncy seat or laying on her play mat

I am so enjoying watching my daughter grow! I think with the second baby it's just a tad bit more exciting for me because I am anticipating things to come, whereas the first time around, I didn't really know what to expect. I am so thankful that Adrienne is a part of our lives and I feel so privileged to be her mommy!


Alison said...

I am thankful that Miss Adrienne is part of our lives too! What would this world be like without her?!

*~tRiStYn MiChElLe~* said...

she is getting so big!!! 5 months already?!?! i cant believe it! Such a precious little girl :0)

Just read your post about Brooke and bedtime...it really is just a phase. You just have to keep telling yourself that this too shall pass. I remember being devistated because I wanted Hudson to have good dreams and drift off to sleep knowing that he is loved and happy and I wasnt sure how that was possible if bedtime was a battle. For Hudson it was the fact that we werent right there with him so I would go in my room and clean or take a shower upstairs just so he was content and eventually that worked. When you told me about the gate thing...that totally did it! lol. I guess we all have our struggles dont we? Sorry to tell you...but that peeing story is hilarious! I know its not to you bc you are her mom and that wasnt very nice..but omgness that is too funny! You just have to laugh...:0)