Monday, October 19, 2009

More Potty Talk

Over the last couple of days, potty training has taken a turn for the better with Brooke! I'm seriously on top of the world because of it and I dare say that this is IT with her. I better be sure not to get too hopeful of that, though, in case she digresses.

It really all started yesterday morning when she declared that she was wearing panties to church and NOT a Pull Up. I honestly had no idea what to do.. Was I supposed to let her wear panties and risk lots of accidents and frustration on her both? Or was I supposed to argue with her and not even give her an opportunity to succeed? I called my sister and the first words out of my mouth were, "I don't know what to do!" Lol! After talking about it, I ended up letting Brooke wear her panties to church and she stayed dry the ENTIRE morning!! She even let people know when she had to go. It was truly amazing! We had a special lunch after the regular service and Brooke was approaching nap time and eating when she had her first accident. It really wasn't that bad though... Thanks to the plastic pantie covers that Alison brought for us! After that, though, she had no more accidents the rest of the day. What a champ!

This morning we got off to a rough start. During breakfast Brooke peed but immediately said, "Ugh oh!" like she knew it was wrong. We also had another issue with poop because she tried to get to the bathroom but didn't quite make it in time. She was making an honest effort though! After that, however, the day got better and better! Once we got into our groove, the accidents were non-existent! I'm super impressed because I put her in a Pull Up for her nap and she woke up completely dry and then she used the potty immediately after waking up. As she played this afternoon, she got up whenever she needed to go pee pee without me even prompting her to do so! Tonight we watched a Christmas movie in my bed to celebrate her success and she didn't even have any accidents during that whole time. She's amazing!

Tomorrow we're going to gymnastics and I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do about that. I had thought about taking a week off just to kind of figure this potty training stuff out but I don't want to take something away from her that she loves so much. Life must go on, right? She's doing great but when we're out and about there's not telling what she'll do at this point. I'm still kind of nervous about all of that...

Things are looking up! I am SO PROUD of Brooke and how quickly she has caught on to all of this. We can do this after all!

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