Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Leaving it Up to God"

I just watched the TLC showing of Anna and Josh Duggar's baby being born. It was a beautiful birth... The kind of birth that I have always wanted, actually, and it was great to watch.

Prior to the baby's birth in the episode the couple was asked how many children they wanted to have and they said, "We're leaving it up to God." Here's my deal... I know that God is sovereign and His will will be done. I absolutely believe that and I'm not trying to dispute that in any way, shape, or form. However, can we take that sovereignty one step too far and not think for ourselves? Here are a couple of examples- If we believe that God will protect us while we're riding in the car, then why do we wear seat belts? If we believe that God will provide for our needs, why do we save and/or make money? If we believe that God already knows who will accept Him or not, then why do we witness? If we believe that our health is in God's hands, why do we see doctors? Those are all comical thoughts, right? Why do some say that with birth control though?

I am not ridiculing the Duggar's (or anyone else with large families) but I'm just questioning the whole train of thinking. I, for one, absolutely believe in birth control and I don't think that by taking it that I am telling God to butt out of my family planning. John and I are praying about our family size and we are willing to be done having babies but we are also willing to have more kids if that's God's plan. In my eyes, not using any form of birth control is doing it completely backwards.

Don't get me wrong, large families are great. I don't think that it's wrong to have lots and lot of kids... I just don't think that there should be any pressure (religious or otherwise) to make lots of babies. Those who opt to plan their families this way are not more holy than me and I am no holier than them for my point of view.

The bottom line is that yes, God is sovereign, but also, He made us to be intellectual, emotional, and thinking beings. I entrust my family size to Him completely and I submit wholeheartedly to His guidance. While I'm "leaving it up to God," I'm also going to apply some practical thinking and, for the time being, delay the growth of my family!


*~tRiStYn MiChElLe~* said...

TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said :0) lol. I commend you for being so honest, thank you!

ashley said...

Jillian -

Thank you for your post! I completely agree with you. One of my close friends is very devout and she actually compares birth control to abortion - saying it kills the potential for life. Sometimes I think people can take things a bit too far. It's been something I've been frustrated with for a while now.