Sunday, October 25, 2009

What a Weird Day!

Sunday mornings. For many, those words mean sleeping in, watching cartoons in bed, having a big family breakfast, taking things kind of slow. For me, however, they mean run, run, run and move, move, move. Because I play the piano and sing in our church's praise and worship team, I have to be at church on Sunday mornings to practice at 8:15. I get up at 7 and get myself together and then I wake up the girls and get them all prettied up in their Sunday dresses, tights, and bows. For us, it's a mega rush to get out the door by 8 but I love being able to play the piano so much that I do it.

This morning was nice because John was going to keep both girls home with him while I went to practice. I still got up early and got them ready and dressed because he worked late and I like for him to be able to sleep a little bit longer. Anyways, I headed off to worship practice and got there right now time. I'm always super happy when that happens!

The routine from here on out is always that John takes Brooke to the grocery store where they pick me out a bagel and her a doughnut and chocolate milk and bring it to church to eat. They used to go to McDonald's for pancakes but they switched it up a bit. This morning, they came out of the grocery store and John informed that Brooke had thrown up everywhere. Nice, huh?

Assuming that my daughter was coming down with a horrible stomach bug, we all went home. I was feeling particularly bummed because not only would I not be able to play the piano, which is something I look forward to every week, but John had to work a 12today (3 hours early) so I knew it would be a long day. I was also a little disappointed because both girls were wearing new dresses and happened to look extra precious (Of course!) and I always enjoy showing them off.

When we got home, Brooke ate us out of house and home and was completely fine the rest of the day. No throw up, no diarrhea... Nothing. She laughed, she played, and she was 100 percent Brooke. Isn't that so odd?

I attend a Bible study at church on Sunday nights but I couldn't bring Brooke, who had thrown up that morning, to the church nursery. Even though I really felt as though it was a fluke thing, I didn't think that it would be fair to the other kids. My mom so graciously offered to watch her while I went to Bible study, even though she would have liked to have gone herself. I am so blessed to have a mom who is willing to do that for me! The break we heavenly and I was truly appreciative. I didn't envision myself getting out tonight but I did!

Hopefully the throw up does make a mysterious reappearance in the morning. But, as I'm coming to realize, with motherhood, you always need to expect the unexpected. Lol! Wish me luck...

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