Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bargains are BLISS!

With a little bit of encouragement from my sister, I have become addicted to getting bargains on groceries and other household items. Prior to this whole coupon/bargain/saving money addiction, I would pretty much put whatever in my shopping cart without even thinking twice about how much things cost. I would go to various stores in search of cheaper foods if I happened to notice something in the sales guides, but I certainly wasn't clipping coupons and planning out my visits before each shopping trip.

My favorite store as of late is CVS. I'm telling you, people, you can save so much money there. They have these wonderful things called Extra Care Bucks that they give you when you buy certain products (that vary from week to week) and it makes it fun to see how much money you can save! Today I got 3 things of Advil, 1 Chapstick, 1 Glade Sense N' Spray starter kit, 1 Glad Reed Diffuser, 1 Robitussin, 4 12 packs of Diet Coke, and Revlon blush and eye shadow all for a grand total of $17 (I also used almost $20 worth of coupons that I printed online) with 3 bucks back at the end. I made 4 separate purchases to take advantage of my Extra Care Bucks that I had earned from some of those products (a total of $24) and left there spending a minimal amount of money. Normally I wouldn't have spent that much but there were no coupons for the soda and I had to pay a deposit on all of that. Overall, it was still a great bargain! I was able to splurge on some makeup that would have been pretty expensive otherwise.

Next, I headed to Price Chopper where I got 88 dollars worth of groceries for 40 dollars!!!!!! I got free Clorox bleach, 3 free packages of Steamfresh vegetables and free Airwick air freshener. Amongst the free stuff, I also got some mega bargains- Tide for 4 dollars (I got 2 bottles!) and 8 boxes of General Mills cereal for a grand total of $2.70. I got a bunch of other stuff there that was priced well, too, but those were my best deals.

I am having so much fun saving my family money and am going to strive to be a better home economist. This is definitely a learning experience for me but I'm just trying to do my part! I might as well enjoy doing it, right?

*As a totally unrelated side note, I just want to brag on Brooke really quick. She was ACCIDENT FREE today and I'm so proud of her! She wore panties to gymnastics, during our shopping trips, out to lunch to McDonald's, and to my parents' house tonight. By golly, I think she's got it!

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*~tRiStYn MiChElLe~* said...

wow thats awesome!!! Oh and i just read your post about potty training and it sounds like brooke is getting the hang of it! yay! with the going on the big potty thing...bribary bribary bribary!!! That worked for Hudson!